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Sangel Capital is a leading investment firm with enormous influence in China dedicated to innovative VC investment on Life Science and Bio-Tech based startups. Sangel Capital attracts elites in biomedical field: entrepreneurs, scientists、industry expertise and investment specialists.

We provide various resources and services for startup companies, such as funds, proof of concept, product development, market research, business plan development, management, and capital operation. As a result, we bring success for startup team, and earn high return for investors.

Sangel Capital is well known for its specialization ,as a top specialized healthcare investor in China,over 80 innovative companies invested. Currently, we manage or co-manage 14 funds, with a total fund size of more than 5.0 billion yuan.

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Shenzhen Sangel Venture Capital Co.,Ltd. 


Address:Shenzhen Bay Venture Capital Building, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 2401/2402