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Sangel Capital Management Co., Ltd. is a venture capital investment firm established in 2010 in Shengzhen. Sangle Capital provides venture capital and business finance to support high-tech enterprises in China and western countries. The company seeks to invest innovative emerging-market enterprises in sectors including: biomedicine, medical devices, healthcare and bio-tech. 

Sangel Capital has set Sage-Angel incubator and Sangel funds and been managing more than 50 projects. In July, 2015, Sangle Capital Management Co., Ltd. established its first international subsidiary—Sangel Capital Corp. (US) in Chicago, USA. This year, Sangel Capital Management Co., Ltd. won "China Outstanding Venture Capital Institution in Next Generation Award".

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Company Philosophy
Cooperation Makes Win-Win
Wisdom Creates Wealth, Trust Builds the Brand
Innovation Brings Successes 
Issue Areas
  • A Personalized Biomedical Technology

    Biomedicine in China increased by 100 times in recent 15 years.

  • Personalized therapy, a arising industry

    While undergoing an early growth spurt of a medical technology from almost empty to
  • A huge pharmaceutical and healthcare products and services to the consumer market has formed as the improvement of people's living standards
  • This is a unique theme that we invest. Chinese people's livelihood has become the consensus of society, while "security" is the basic needs
  • New business models integrate innovative technologies, products, services, markets and other elements of resources, which will exhibit huge
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